My Ideas – Fantasio

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Vol 1:

This DVD contains:

Rider, the Runaway Deck
Traveling Image
Bic Lighter to Card Fan
Appearing Golf Club
Paint Brush to Streamer
Bill in Bic Lighter

Vol 2:

Band-Aid and Comb (Paddle)
Bayer Jumbo Aspirin (Gag)
Pill Box (Okito Coin Box)
Vick Sinus Cap (Thimbles)
Gauze and Tape (Ring and Rope)
Q-Tips (Multiplication)
Dental Floss (Cut and Restored)
Roll-On (Ball and Vase)
Stick Deodorant (Rising Card)
Mirror (Vampire Glass)


Información adicional


Vol.1, Vol.2, Vols. 1 y 2

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