Lecturing at the Magic Castle – Fantasio

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Vol 1:

21st Century CaneMagic Cassette Player • Extra Long Thumb Tip Vanishing a Large Silk • Impromptu Side Table • Practical Folding Box • Vanishing Wand to Silks • Making a Vanishing Flute • The Vanishing Candle • Flat Folding of a Silk • Lighter to Matches • One Handed Color Changing Lighter • Silk from Flame • Covered Vanishing Candle • Easy Candle to Silk • Candle to Ball • Candle to Silk to Cane • Preventing Fluid Evaporation • Ribbon and Candle –

Vol 2:

Color Changing Canes • No Tapes for Color Change • Cane to Double Bouquets • Loading the Bouquets • Fixing a Damaged Coil • Patriotic Changing Canes • Cane to Flag • Lighter to Cards Fan • Vanishing Candle with Card Fan • Appearing Lit Candle • Appearing a Vanishing Candle • Repairing Spring Tension • Pull-Reel Vanishing Candle • SeIf-Holding Extended Candle • Holding and Palming the Candle • Using Double Sided Tape • Card Sword Cane • Cha-Cha Rope Penetration

Vol. 3:

The Challenger Gimmick • One Handed Vanishing Cane • Cane to Silk to Lit Candle • The Challenger Candle • Vanishing the Appearing Candle • Appearing Candle from Sleeve • Silk from Cigarette Lighter • Thumb Tip to Prevent Evaporation • Improved Zig-Zag Card • Flaming Thumb Tip • Thimbles with Vick Cap • Sure Lit-Match Production • Bic Hole Penetration • Bill inside Bic Lighter • Silk through Tumbler • A Generous Magician (Ropes)

¿Quieres un descuento? Apúntate a los Secret Files y accede a un descuento exclusivo. Suscripción a los Secret Files – Anual o Suscripción a los Secret Files – Trimestral

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Vol.1, Vol.2, Vol.3, Pack Vol. 1, 2 y 3

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